Sea waves, ships, clouds, even the islands, lay to the horizon just in front of your house.
Life offers one of the best beauties of mother nature to you, but you are looking at a concrete wall in a room, which prevents you to see all these. İf you are between the walls, what is the use of a house just in front of the sea.
With Glass, Not Concrete.
We have completed your pleasure with panoramic terraces.
To enjoy this beauty, let the sea in your house.
Yedi Mavi ,
This is a very special project on the Zeytinburnu Shore, one of the most popular locations in Istanbul. It consists of 7 separate blocks with options of 1 +1 to 5+1. Glass-walled houses, green parks, gyms, open-air swimming pools and social areas such as SPA, add pleasure to your life..
Wherever you are,
You See the Sea !
The extraordinary architecture of the Yedi Mavi is not only beautiful, but also very functional. The distance between the seven blocks forming the project is 95 meters. This width not only gives you a spacious view, but also almost all of the houses in the project offer sea view from different angles in each room.
The control of your house is in your hands.
Even if you are not at home…

Every apartment in Yedi Mavi is equipped with many technologies. Thanks to the KNX Automation Control System, almost everything in your house will be under your control even if you are away from home.

  • - On-Off lighting in all rooms
  • - Magnetic contact at the gate to notify any unknown access
  • - PIR detector at the gate to notify any unknown access
  • - Detector capable of shutting down the main water meter to prevent flooding in wet areas and kitchen
  • - Automatically controlled air conditioning system
  • - Automatically controlled Floor heating system
  • - Connection system which enables test controls and capturing images via internet
  • - Intercom system working on KNX including block security and Concierge services
  • - System including switches and sockets
Whatever You need, Yedi Mavi has.
İf we say, we have thought so long
about which services we have to offer you;
this would be unreal.
Because; we decided to offer all the services that could be offered in a residence without any doubt.

in Yedi Mavi,

Life may be hard(!) sometimes .
Unfortunately in Yedi mavi everything is not so easy.
For example, do you want to go out and have a nice meal?
Then it's a bit hard to do. Because you may find it difficult to choose one of the delightful restaurants and cafés that offer various options from world cuisines.

It can be really difficult to choose from the innumerable alternatives offered to you in the most renowned brands' stores.
You will hopefully manage to overcome these problems in the social activity area, MAVİ ADA and MAVİ CADDE in which you have access to all types of cafes, restaurants and stores..
Time is valuable
Yedi Mavi Knows
We would like to explain you with long sentences, how special the Yedi Mavi is; however time is so valuable. Looking at the distances below, you can see how close you are to everywhere.

So, you can see how much time you will be saving by residing in such a special location in Istanbul. Yedi Mavi is located on the coastal road in both directions, and is close to the alternative public transport systems of Istanbul.
Atatürk Airport 10 km
İDO Bakırköy Terminal 2,5 km
İDO Yenikapı Terminal 6 km
Marmaray 200
Eurasia Tunnel 7 km
TEM Highway 15 km
E-5 Highway 4,5 km
S.Gökçen Airport 47 km
İstanbul New Airport 47 km

Who designed exterior ?

Please discover Yedi Mavi. If you look carefully, you will see that there are many unique features within. Glass walls, panoramic terraces, green landscaping ... As you look closely, you will be surprised to see its special features. Only one thing about this structure will surely not surprise you "Who designed the project?" The answer is obvious. Because one who designed the Yedi Mavi is Tabanlıoğlu Architecture, known for its contemporary and pioneering approach, which is well known in our country and in the world with its unique projects..

Who designed award winning sample apartment ?

Just like the other projects, we designed sample apartments too. But there is one thing. Our sample apartments won the "Honorable Mention" award at the Los Angeles-based IDA-International Design Awards 2017 competition with its interior design. Our sample apartments, designed by Gönye Design, reflect all their exterior beauty to their interior design. Hearing about these is not enough. Come and visit us. See all the beauties of the Yedi Mavi project with your eyes..